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International Transport and Logistics Service
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International Transport and Logistics Service
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1、 Air Transportation

Time Logistics provides customers with air delivery at competitive prices that cover the main airports of China’s direct, transit and charter flights. We also provide customers with air and sea transport, delivering to the main commercial cities of the world through our trusted agency networks. At the same time, our air delivery service offers: warehousing, customs operations, on-site execution. Use of our services can save you time and effort.

2、Railway Services

With the opening and operation of the new China-Europe railway network, a completely new "SilkRoad Economic Belt" has beenestablished, connecting Europe with China andvarious, Central Asian countries. Thus, China is currently building a new structure for the "mutual development of the East and the West".


Time Logistics provides international rail-freight transport services by whole container or assembled container. The China-Europe railway can cover inland points in Eastern and Western Europe, such as China - - - Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France, and Italy. Providing you with more diverse transportation options.

3、Sea Delivery

Professional Assembly of the container, impeccable service

Time Logistics is a leader in container assembly and provides comprehensive, high-quality services in this area. No matter where the goods are sent, our professional team can accept your individual order based on your needs for a low price and working efficiently and effectively to carry out your order.


Whole-container guaranteed space on the ship

International company Time Logistics works closely with major well-known shipping companies, providing customers with extremely, competitive prices, high-quality booking services through agencies and reliable accommodation guarantees. Sea shipping at Time Logistics covers major routes around the world and provides a wide selection of containers, specialty containers, and freezers.We will not only provide you with a reliable space guarantee. The professional team of the international company, Time Logistics, can also offer you a reasonable transportation plan and optimize the transportation process according to your needs.

4、Convenient and professional import-export customs operations

Our professional customs-declaration team provides high-quality services to minimize your costs.

Trust us and you will receive professional services from a highly qualified team. Our services will not leave you unsatified!!!