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Time International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.provides comprehensive services to customers throughout the Russian-speaking countries.

We prepare highly professional solutions in the field of :

Purchasing, Declaration, Transportation, Clearing goods, International Trade, Financial operation, Tax reimbursement, Consulting, Delivering to the door Time Logistics has been specializing in cargo transportation between China and Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and various other Central Asian countries for more than 10 years. We follow our business concept of "trust and pragmatism". Thanks to our many years of experience in international trade and transport, we developed a team of specialists and a solid system for the importation and exportation of  products.

We are located in Beijing and Yiwu, serving customers from all over the world. Our services are centralized in import-export trade, import-export declaration submissions, import-export inspection, tax reimbursement, the processing of international trade documents, the international transportation of goods around the world, two-way customs clearance, cargo warehousing abroad and the transportation and delivery of goods throughout whole Russia. We provide constant, diverse and high-quality international transportation services around the world for government agencies, medium and small size enterprises, as well as for individual entrepreneurs. Our services are provided by qualified specialists who are highly experienced in the field of international logistics and trade. They will fulfill your orders both quickly and efficiently.


Our company's business concept: Honesty and trust are at the core of all relationships.

Our company’s motto: Treat the client's request as your own.

Our philosophy: Be kind and attentiveto the customer and care for their product.